Each club is also allowed to offer their own "Fun Classes". Check with your local club to see what will be offered at the next event!

(Standards for breeds currently being shown to the left)

An American Preservation Dog Registry sanctioned Point Show is an event in which specified breeds will be judged by a reputable American Preservation Dog Registry Sanctioned Judge according to the Conformation Standard of the American Preservation Dog Registry to indicate a degree of breed excellence. This event is held according to the APDR show rules and points are awarded for dogs placing 1st, 2nd, & 3rd in each class as well as 3 overall trophy awards. These points are accumulative toward an APDR Conformation Championship.


Dogs must be APDR registered.
​Dogs must be at least four months of age (to the date of its birth) to be entered in an APDR Sanctioned Point Show. This is an effort to protect the temperament of the young dogs and to lead to more fair and accurate judging.
All entries must be on a 4’ leash with adequate collars and a proper fit so a dog cannot back out of its collar.
Only belt buckle collars may be used. (No choke chains or pinch collars allowed.)
No spayed or neutered dogs will be shown.
No bitches in heat will be shown.
No dog that is aggressive toward humans will be shown. If a man aggressive dog is entered, it will be dismissed with no refund given.
All dogs to be in crates at all times, except when being shown.

The following classes are to be held.
 Puppy classes:
Males 4 to 6 months/ Females 4 to 6 months
Males 6 to 9 months/ Females 6 to 9 months
​Males 9 to 12 months/ Females 9 to 12 months ·       

​Puppy Classes -Placement Point Breakdown:

1st place ribbon - 10 points
2nd place ribbon - 5 points
3rd place ribbon - 3 points

Additional points are awarded to those Placing over 10 dogs in their class.
1stplace - 15 points
2nd place - 8 points
3rd place - 5 points

​Best Puppy Trophy
- (15 points): This class is held following the puppy classes with the competition consisting of all 1st place puppy class winners. ·       

Adult classes:

Males 12 to 18 months/Females 12 to 18 months
Males 18 to 24 months/ Females 18 to 24 month
Males2 to 3 years/ Females 2 to 3 years
Males 3 to 5 years/ Females 3 to 5 years
Males 5 years and older/ Females 5 years and older ·       

Adult Classes
-Placement Point Breakdown:

1st place ribbon - 10 points
2nd place ribbon - 5 points
3rd place ribbon - 3 points

​Additional points are awarded to those placing over 10 dogs in their class.
1st placeribbon - 15 points
2nd place ribbon - 8 points
3rd placeribbon - 5 points ·       

Best of Show – (15 points) competition consisting of the 1st place adult class winners and the Best Puppy.
Best of Opposite Sex Trophy - (10 points): This is awarded to the best individual of the opposite sex to the Best of Show Award ·       
All placement points will accumulate toward achievement of the title of Champion/Reserved Champion (100 pts)


A total of 100 points earns the title of Champion (as long as the dog has earned no less than one Best of Show/Best of Opposite award and one 1st place in its career; those not earning the afore mentioned will earn the title of Reserve Champion ) to be entered in a separate class open to Champions.   

Dogs points earned from that day are NOT to be entered into the Champions class.     

For a club to hold this class, they must notify the APDR with their intent to do so at the time of their request for an APDR Sanctioned Point Show. Champion dogs must pre­register in order for this class to be held. No less than 5 dogs MUST enter this class by pre-registration or class will not be held. (A minimum of 5 dogs must be physically entered to hold a Champion class.) Upon the confirmed pre-registration of dogs for this class, APDR MUST be notified no later than 30 days prior to show to ensure that the Champions trophy and ribbons can be sent. This class is to be held after the puppy classes, after the Best Puppy Trophy is awarded (prior to the adult classes). Judge of the day will judge this class.

There are three awards given in this class. A Champion cup is given for first place and a rosette for second and third place. The points awarded in this class are: 1st place -15 points; 2nd place – 10 points; 3rd place – 5 points.     

Top age of Jr. Handlers is 14 yrs old. lowest age to be 4 yrs.
 The age classes for the Jr handlers’ classes should be broken down appropriately to reflect a “fair competition” between contestants within each class division. 
 If the dog to be shown is over 12months of age the dog must be shown double leashed with an adult assistant handler.
​ The club can refuse to allow anyone to show in the Jr. Handlers class if they feel that he/she (handler) is unable to keep the dog under control. (Junior Handlers Class rules are guidelines only, and how strictly enforced are up to the discretion of individual clubs.)