The terrier is tough, strong, and sturdy Giving an active appearance. The terrier is beyond out going and have what seems to be limitless drive. . The terrier measures between 11" and 15" at the withers. The legs need to be straight and in good shape. The terrier weighs between 10 lb. to 18 lb. on bitches  and 12 lb. to 20lb form males. (Terrier size should fit in line with game worked in area.)The head and muzzle need to be strong and have power that is demonstrated in hunting.. The ears should be of moderate size and folded dropped, bat...etc.. The Patterdale Terrier needs strong and sturdy teeth in a level mouth. (teeth lost from work is not a fault.) A neck of powerful and moderate size that is strong and can withstand hunting. A terrier’s coat can range from smooth, broken or rough A terrier should have a dense coat that allows them to endure long hours of hunting in the cold, wet, hard, and tough ground. The tail should be high and proportionate to the body. (This is usually 4.5 to 7 inches long.) Colors can come in different variations and combinations. These include, but are not limited to: red, black, black and tan, grizzle, and bronze (chocolate). Highest percent of the breed are completely black, but some may have a patch of white on their chest and/or feet. The chest should be small enough that it can be spanned behind the shoulders by average sized hands. The back of the terrier needs to be strong and straight. If the terrier is too tall, it will have issues working below ground. A male terrier needs to have both testicles. This is a working terrier breed that is outgoing and hunted along with other dogs,socialization is important and any unprovoked dog aggression is a fault in the breed. Being that this is a working breed developed to hunt below earth any reluctance to go to ground is a undesirable fault. Any evidence of work is should not be seen as a fault.