Officials & their duties:

Judge/Timekeeper: Directs weight pull, Settles disputes, Times each contestants pull & informs the scorekeeper, Direct Cart. JUDGES DECISIONS ARE FINAL!

Scorekeeper: Keeps record of weights pulled & time of pull for each dog. Records fouls & sit outs.

Holding area Monitor: Controls holding area. Makes sure that dogs are on deck, harnessed & ready to pull; informs handlers of weight on cart.

Cart Handlers: Load the weight and reposition the cart for the next pull.  Upon judges approval helps “push through” when handler asks.  Act as brakeman to ensure safety of dog.


While participating in event a leash no longer than four feet long attached to a buckle type collar is to be used.  (No quick release, choke/prong collars or flex leads are allowed.)
All dogs must be APDR registered. Dog can be registered the day of the show.
All dogs must be at least nine months of age.
No bitches in heat, pregnant, or lactating will be allowed to pull.
No human aggressive dogs.
No aggressive action towards dogs.
Track and weight to be certified by the Judge.
The weight pull judge and/or family members cannot enter or pull a dog in a weight pull that he/she is judging unless an alternate judge, judges the class.
Pulling area to be roped off a minimum of 10ft on each side.
Surface - any surface selected by the club must be as smooth and level as possible. No paved surface unless covered. (Every dog in that division is pulling the same cart under the same conditions and surface for that day’s competition.)
Harness must be supplied by owner of the dog.  Any harness used must be of weight pull type.
Dogs will be harnessed upon their class being called "on deck” and remain harnessed in the holding area until called to pull; harness may be removed between pulls so long as team does not hold up competition. If Judge feels handler is holding up pull without reasonable cause they MAY issue a foul at their discretion.
Enhanced equipment is not allowed; i.e. springs, shocks, etc.
No illegal substances may be used to enhance a dog’s performance.  If the dog appears under the influence, the judge will require a substance test. If found positive, dog and owner/handler will be suspended from competition for a minimum of one (1) year; and can lead up to permanent ban from future events.
No artificial aids may be used on dog’s feet, pulling surface, etc.  Dog’s pads may be cleaned with a dry or "water" damp towel.  No stick-em, wax, etc. allowed on dog's paws.
No leashes are to be attached to the dog's harness or collar while dog is pulling.
Traces will be between 4 & 6 feet. The handler will allow no more than 2 ft of slack in the traces at the start of the pull. No slingshot starts will be permitted, without a penalty the dog will be allowed to back up on its own after being released.
A qualified pull is a distance of 16ft in 60 seconds or less with no fouls/alibis committed, start and finish line will be clearly marked on track. If the cart is in continuous forward motion at the end of sixty (60) seconds, the dog is allowed to complete the pull. All dogs will be allowed to have cart “pushed through” if unable to pull upon foul. The Judges decision is FINAL!
Judge has the authority to remove a dog from competition that they feel is being negatively impacted by the pull/attempted pull.
Each dog will be allowed two (2) fouls prior to elimination in Regular Class. NO fouls allowed in Juggernaut Class.

The following are considered fouls:

Pushing, pulling, or dropping the dog at the start of the pull.
Intentional touching of the dog or cart after time has started. Incidental contact which in no way aids the dog in the pull will not be considered a foul (Judge’s discretion).
Running out of time without completing the pull
Contact between the dog & the bait.

The Judges decision on a foul is FINAL!

Alibis - Unintentional circumstances that make a dog unable to complete a pull. The judge has the discretion to stop time and instruct the handler to make adjustment.  Examples of circumstances are:  tangling in the traces or harness; equipment malfunction; outside interference that prevent the dog to complete their pull.  Handler is allowed to advise judge for any possible alibi; Judge has final decision!  If a pull is interrupted by a foul or an alibi, the dog is to be immediately taken back to starting line and pull will begin again.  No pull will be valid unless it is an uninterrupted pull.

2 alibis = 1 foul. 

If a dog is disqualified, his last valid pull will be his top pull score for that class.
Each dog has the right to sit out on a weight increase an unlimited number of times throughout the competition.
The first round weight for all dogs in each class will be determined by the judge. The starting weight will be no less than five (5) times the weight of the heaviest dog in the weight class and the weight of the cart.
Dog must complete one round to be in contention for awards. The handler will decide when to begin pulling their dog. Time will begin with "work/pull" command or when the handler releases the dog; handler is to notify Judge prior to pull.
Judge determines all weight increases, participants are never allowed to call any weight increases.
No dog will be asked to get on the track without a 5 minute rest period.
Two handlers & one form of bait will be allowed in the pull area. No food, drink or live bait may be used. Bait will be approved by Judge prior to pulling. No bait allowed in Juggernaut class.

Bait will be eliminated from use in Weight Pull effective 1/1/17

Dogs will pull in order from lightest to heaviest.
If a dog completes the pull off the track, it is considered valid so long as no fouls or alibis were committed.
Ties will be broken by fastest time completing pull at given weight.  In the event of a tie due to event running out of weights; additional weight may be provided in any form as long as judge approves it.
In the event that a dog is needed in another event or a handler has two dogs pulling back to back; the order may be shuffled to avoid delays as much as possible.


Two Officials  must be present at time of weigh in. ( ie Judge and Club Officer)
Dogs will be weighed in the day of the event. If it is a two day competition the weight will be carried over to the second day’s events.
No double classing allowed. Handlers of Dogs falling on class lines must choose at time of weigh in which class they will compete in.
Weigh in times will be posted and open one hour prior to start of competition or when Judge designates.

Divisions (Only Compete with each other)

4 Dog minimum per class if minimum not meet class is to be combined with following class.

Light Weight Division

0>10lbs. Males and Females

10lbs.-20lbs. Males and Females

20lbs.-30lbs. Males and Females

30lbs.-40lbs. Males and Females

Middle Weight Division

40lbs-50lbs. Males and Females

50lbs.-60lbs. Males and Females

60lbs.-70lbs. Males and Females

70lbs.-80lbs. Males and Females

Heavy Weight Division

80lbs.-90lbs. Male & Females

90lbs.-100lbs. Male & Females

100lbs.-110lbs Male & Females

     110lbs.-<lbs. Males and Females










Ribbon awards will be determined by weight pulled per pound of body weight. In each class, males & females will receive a 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place ribbon award.

There will be six Trophy awards given. These will be a pound for pound award for the Day’s strongest Dog and Most Weight Pulled per Pound in their respective divisions; Light Weight, Middle Weight, and Heavy Weight. Sex of Dog is not a factor.






Trophy Award = 1 point per dog in division, maximum of 15 points

First Place = 10 points

Second Place = 5 points

Third = 3 points

There must be 15 or more dogs competing in any division to win both, Most weight Pulled per Pound and Most Weight Pulled awards. Any dog that wins both division awards MPP and MWP must choose one or the other if less than 15 dogs competing in their division and if 15 or more dogs then only one point awarded per dog defeated in that division for second award to maximum of 15 points.


Achievement of Juggernaut Title

When a dog accumulates 100 points it will be awarded the title of Juggernaut

200 points = Juggernaut I

300 points = Juggernaut II